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Crimes Against the Environment — Maud Sarliève lecture

18 Лип (Вт) / 14:00
- 18 Лип/16:00
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Crimes Against the Environment — Maud Sarliève lecture

Crimes Against the Environment — Maud Sarliève lecture

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Crimes Against the Environment — Maud Sarliève lecture

?Афіша Київ

⌚️2023-07-18 14:00:00 – 2023-07-18 16:00:00
?Київська школа прав людини та демократії

⚖ As part of the Ukrainian Week of International Criminal Justice, a Maud Sarliève lecture will be held on the topic «Crimes Against the Environment».

?️ Maud Sarliève is an established expert in Human Rights, International Criminal Law, International Humanitarian Law and a leading authority on ecocide and in the development of creative legal thinking to address the environmental and climate crisis.

?? Language: English. ONLINE. Broadcast of the event on Facebook of the Kyiv School of Human Rights and YouTube of the Center for Civil Liberties.

? Registration: bit.ly/3pC4H90. Those interested can ask questions to the speakers by joining the discussion or lecture on Zoom. This requires prior registration.

ABSTRACT: The war in Ukraine has inflicted severe damage on the country's environment, leading to an ongoing environmental catastrophe. The conflict has resulted in the destruction of natural habitats to various species, burnt forests, and contaminated groundwater and soil. Protected areas and forests have been extensively affected, with illegal logging exacerbating the environmental devastation. The war has also caused the deaths of dolphins in the Black Sea and poses a looming threat to the Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant. The estimated cost of the combined damage exceeds $46 billion, even before the Nova Kakhovka dam flooding, primarily attributed to air pollution and carbon emissions. The Ukrainian government has documented over 2,000 cases of severe environmental damage. Ukrainian farmland has been poisoned, impacting ecosystems and crops. The country's post-war reconstruction provides an opportunity to prioritize a transition to a low-carbon economy for a sustainable recovery and to attract foreign support. While the full extent of environmental restoration awaits the end of the war, reforestation efforts have already begun. Despite the challenges, Ukraine remains determined to overcome the environmental crisis and achieve victory over its consequences. Currently, Ukraine is seeking inspiration from Kuwait's successful compensation claim after the Iraqi invasion and occupation. Recent developments, such as the adoption of principles to prevent and remedy environmental damage from war by the UN General Assembly, may bolster Ukraine's case. While public awareness of the environmental consequences is limited amid the human tragedy, efforts are being made to monitor and address pollution.

BIO: Maud Sarliève has worked with the United Nations, the European Union and non-governmental organizations on some of the most complex human rights and criminal investigations in conflict or post-conflict environments. Aside from these institutional positions and since 2016, Maud has led and managed various projects, always with a view to pushing the limits of the law to better protect the environment and the climate. Since November 2022, Maud has been advising the Office of the Prosecutor General in Ukraine on the investigation and prosecution of war crimes impacting the environment. She is also a Juge Assesseur for the French Cour Nationale du Droit d’Asile.

International Criminal Justice Day is celebrated every year on July 17. The Center for Civil Liberties, together with its partners, organizes the Ukrainian Week of International Criminal Justice, which will consist of 3 panel discussions in Ukrainian and 5 academic lectures in English.

The Ukrainian International Criminal Justice Week will bring together prominent lawyers, researchers, experts, civil servants and representatives of international and regional civil society organizations.

Джерело заходу: https://www.facebook.com/1330705131175386

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